Verslag WK Junioren 2012

And so we are back from the World Junior Championships / veterans in Tallinn.
The third international event after my father’s passing …. But the first time that I have had no crash because I miss him.
That’s not because I miss him less, on the contrary, the realization that he is no longer become only more so I really miss him more and more.
It’s because I feel that he still lives in taekwon-do all over the world and it feels really good.
Still there are referees, participants and Masters to me to tell me that they miss him, or telling moments that they have made along with my father.

Upcoming November, it was two years ago.
Last year we held a memorial day but this year we will be this weekend in Scotland for the Chang Ung Cup.
But there is no other place outside Chung-Mu, where I would want to be on this day and this is in Scotland at SM Harkess and all other TKD family.

Thank you dear TKD friends and family, on behalf of my father, family and myself.